Fresh call for Motion of No Confidence in PM Harris

BASSETERRE, ST. KITTS, May 6th 2017  – A fresh call for a Motion of No Confidence to remove Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris as Prime Minister as well as Political Leader of the People’s Labour Party (PLP).

A concerned PLP member in a private message early Saturday evening said he now agrees with the position of former PLP Chairman Douglas Wattley who a few months ago, indicated that a faction of the party wants Dr. Harris removed as Prime Minister.

“The increasing scandals – latest – the payment to Mr. Lanny Davis and the protection of a wanted Chinese criminal, warrants the removal of Dr. Harris as Prime Minister,” said the individual who requested anonymity.

“I totally agree now with the position taken by Mr. Douglas Wattley in calling for a Motion of No Confidence to be tabled against Prime Minister Harris,” the individual stated. He said he has “lost faith and trust in Dr. Harris to move this country forward. We expected better. He promised better, but he has failed us as party supporters and as citizens.”

Months ago, Wattley, who was ousted as PLP chairman in March, had raised concern about the high level of corruption in the then 21-month old government.

“I think the time is ripe for an internal move to replace the Prime Minister. If not, let us try a Motion of No Confidence,’ Wattley said in a FaceBook posting at the time.

Wattley, who for the past several months has been publicly expressing his disagreements with Prime Minister Harris on governance, transparency and accountability issues, also pointed to the high level of corruption amid the widespread allegations and some startling evidence that family members of the Prime Minister have established several businesses since Dr. Harris, assumed the country’s leadership following the February 16th 2015 General Elections.

“When will Group Unity call out its leader regarding the corrupt acts? If it does not, then let us do so. I want to admonish our people to be vigilant – pay attention and leak any and all information about corruption and the appearance of corruption in Government. Keep telling us about bulldozers, car rentals, construction companies, sidebar deals with companies out of Barbados, inappropriate promotion of in-laws, allegations surrounding campaign funds. Let us implement our own “Freedom of Information Act,” said Wattley, who had resigned his appointment as Chairman of the state-owned ZIZ Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC).

He said Dr. Harris had promised the electorate that term limits, and freedom of information legislation would be enacted in the first 100 days of his new administration.

Commenting on the state of the three-year old PLP, Mr. Wattley had accused Prime Minister Harris of creating dissension in the ranks of the PLP with a faction calling for Dr. Harris’ removal as political leader.

Condor, who was PLP Deputy Political leader and several founding and executive members were ousted from their positions at a hastily called PLP convention at which Harris was the only official from the old guard elected on March 25th 2017.

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