Jason Liburd has a story to tell.

His love for horses started during his Primary school years and even though he was initially afraid of them, eventually he got past that fear to start his original career as a Jockey.

He was soon noticed by Don Bartlette and John Guilbert, who nurtured him and helped him to develop in his care of horses and as a Jockey as well.

He had the right kind of weight and soon gained a reputation as one of the top Jockeys at the Indian Castle race track, with his main rival being, the very competitive Brem Liburd.

His mother was initially not interested in him becoming a Jockey but after she realized that he was not only winning, but bringing money home as well, she soon left him alone.

He was soon spotted by a local Horse owner and initially prepared his horses for the locally held race meets.

One day, that same owner made him an offer that he did not refuse. To the utter shock of many, Jason resigned from his position at the Bank of Nevis and went to work for the owner, full time.

He is however quick to point out that it was not a tough decision to make, because horses are his ‘first love.’ And besides, he was actually making more money than when he worked at the Bank.

The saga continued. Jason eventually journeyed to St.Kitts and prepared and raced horses for his new boss.

Interestingly enough, here he was spotted by two top Trainers in the USA and they soon made arrangements for him to go to the USA to work in his beloved profession.

He tried it and has stayed ever since. He is now an established Farrier or Equine Podiatrist.  No longer racing horses but shoeing them and looking out for their general wellbeing, sometimes in conjunction with a Veterinary Officer.

He used the opportunity to admonish the youngsters of Nevis to seek out their career niche; work hard at it and noted that if they did that, they will be successful.

He indicated that his career provides for him a comfortable salary, quite a bit more than what he was making in St.Kitts and Nevis and pledged to give back to his island whenever the opportunities are presented.

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