From Highlight to Myda: The Journey of our Nevisian Dr. Dre

Charlestown, Nevis (Monday December 23rd, 2019) — In 2013 Lexan ‘JayV’ Browne mixed beats as a hobby, in 2014 he discovered the programme that would change the way he made beats and in 2015, these beats would change his life forever.

Releasing beats under the name JVM Entertainment, Browne began his career as a producer approximately four years ago and hit the ground running. A couple of months after starting his passion, Browne sent one of his beats to a popular singer in St. Kitts, Highlight, and his journey as a producer began.

“The moment Highlight dropped on the beat; it was five months after I started making beats. I was able to make a beat that was Highlight’s style and I sent him the beat and in three days they sent me back the song and at that point I realised I could actually reach far in this because I had a lot of good feedback from the song.

“Highlight is the big artist and at the time, Highlight was one of the hardest hitting artists and it was a huge step up for me getting a man like him on the beat especially when you’re just starting,” he said.

Browne explained exactly what his job entails and outlined his passion for the art.

“Usually a producer is someone that brings together the overall projects, I am able to actually make a song from scratch, make the beat, have an actual artist come and record and arrange everything together.

“It started off as just a hobby, it was never about the money or anything like that, it was just purely out of love and it reach to a point where I can actually see a future with it and that is what I want now. I want a future making beats and working with big artists,” he said.

He confessed that he never had his parents support when he started in the arts.

“My parents weren’t too supportive of it, my friends told me to continue, they were my day one supporters. They pushed me to get better and start making beats, it was when my parents started to hear about my craft getting out there, when they started to realise that I have potential to do something good in it, that is when they started to see the light,” he said.

He also used the opportunity to provide upcoming artist some advice for getting into the producing field.

“Make sure you like making beats. It takes a learning curve to be able to produce the beats the right way because not only do you have to make the beats, you have to mix it and master it and that is a really and truly difficult process especially for someone who now learning.

“If you really like it and that’s your desire, then you will actually put in the effort but if you just doing it for the money then its going to be a frustrating process,” he said.

Browne explained that while the process requires a lot of patience, if you are passionate, it will be worthwhile.

“It requires a lot of patience, you will have time, your going to have some creative blocks from here and there and it is a really tough period, but you will get over it once you keep continuing. Once you remain consistent on what you like, you will get better,” he said.

JayV confessed that while some of the community is supportive of his art, he encourages them to listen to new artists and interact with his social media pages where he releases his beats. Browne has worked with artists like Highlight and is the producer behind the beat of Myda’s song entitled ‘Voodoo’. To stay updated on his beats subscribe to JVM Entertainment on YouTube.

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