General Data Protection Regulation

BASSETERRE (21st May, 2018): The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which is a set of new European Union data privacy rules, will go into effect on Friday 24th May, 2018.

Any organization in St. Kitts-Nevis that holds or uses data on people inside the European Union is subject to the new rules, regardless of where they are based. The GDPR will impact every website, brand and digital ad technology company that markets to consumers in the EU.

Essentially the GDPR gives EU residents more control over their personal data and forces companies to make sure the way they collect, process and store data is safe. The central idea is “privacy by default.”

Companies in St. Kitts MUST comply with following:
• Must get consent of the individual before you can use their data
• Must give individual ability to access the data upon request
• Must give individual ability to alter their consent and remove themselves
• Can not provide different location-based offers for different EU residents

Companies that have violated the data regulations can face penalties that amount to 4 percent of gross revenues.

The European Union said the new rules are necessary to protect consumers in an era of huge cyberattacks and data leaks. For more information please visit the following websites:
GDPR Tools are Here: Updated Forms, Improved Contact Management, and More:
General Data Protection Regulation FAQs:
About the General Data Protection Regulation:
Collect Consent with GDPR Forms:

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