Gingerland-Nevis-The sounds of fire crackers proliferated the atmosphere as scores of persons congregated at the newly established GINGERAMA Village, situated at Market Shop in Gingerland on the evening of Thursday 17th December.

The big event was the grand opening of GINGERAMA 2015 which is a localized festival for the Gingerland area, which has been reinstated after a 13 year sabbatical.

Among the persons addressing the sizeable and enthusiastic audience, were Coordinator of the Community Development Department, Mrs. Janet Meloney.

She noted that her department is mandated to organize such festivals throughout the island and decided to make a spirited effort to revive such festivals.

She pointed out that GINGERAMA is only a start but indicated that it is the intention of her department to revive or commence similar festivals in other areas of the island.

She singled out Mrs. Sandra Browne for special praise as she was the department’s representative who was assigned to put a committee in place to revive the festival. She also thanked her hard working staff for their input.

Also addressing the audience was Mr. Keith Glasgow, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, who praised the efforts of Mrs. Meloney and her staff in reviving the festival and had special praise for the committee that spearheaded the effort, which is led by the energetic Eric Evelyn.

He wished everyone an enjoyable festival and admonished all to be on their best behaviour.

Chairperson of the organizing committee, Mr. Eric Evelyn used the opportunity to thank his hard working committee for their tremendous work and also thanked the major stakeholders which included the Public Works Department and the many sponsors, who had helped to revive the festival.

He pointed out that GINGERAMA was conceptualized in the year 2000 when the inaugural festival was held and then there was a follow up festival in 2001.

After that there was an inexplicable lapse until it was revived in 2015.

He also pointed out that his committee decided that since it was the first in many years, emphasis would be placed on QUALITY over QUANTITY, hence the shortened version of the festival for this year.

He updated the audience as to the activities upcoming:

Swimwear Contest –Friday 18th December

The Gingerjam starting at Best Buy supermarket, heading to the Zion Hill and back and Food Fair-Saturday 19th   December

The Gingerette Pageant – Sunday 20th December.


Area representative and Premier of Nevis, Hon. Vance Amory also added his voice to the auspicious occasion. He too was very pleased with the work done by the hard working committee, led by Mr. Evelyn and also saluted the efforts of the Community Development Department, led by Mrs. Meloney.

He wished everyone the blessings of the season and prosperity and good health for the New Year and reemphasized the aspects of sharing and caring within the community.

He then declared the festival officially open.

Interspersed with all of the speeches, was a variety of items, which served as a welcomed entertainment package for the hyped audience.

These included: The melodious sounds of the Sugar Hill String band; Kris Hanley on fife; soca diva Ladonna; Delly Ranks; Sweet Lemon; Japanese girls; the Rawlins masquerades; steel pan rendition by Mr. Parris and company and an absolutely hilarious Chesley Manners who evoked much laughter as he focused on the late CHARLIE BARRET, the PSYCHOLOGIST.

Another high point of the evening’s proceedings was the introduction of the GINGERETTE contestants who wowed the audience with their impressive salutations.

DJ BULF who provided musical entertainment and the sound system also delivered the sponsors’ acknowledgements.

The event was chaired by the charismatic Antonio ABONATTY Liburd who kept the evening lively throughout.

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