Gingerama 2017 Committee Holds Press Conference

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The committee members of the St. George’s Parish Festival known as Gingerama, conducted a press conference on the morning of Tuesday, October 17, 2017. The event was held in the Conference room at the Nevis Island Administration Building.

Chairman of the committee, Mr. Eric Evelyn gave the opening remarks. Evelyn noted that this will be the third staging of Gingerama since it was revived in 2015. He indicated that the festival was first staged in 2001 and was repeated in 2002. However, Evelyn pointed out that due to some unfortunate circumstances, the festival was halted until 2015. He stated that this year, the festival will be hosted about two weeks before its usual time of year. He said that it is usually been held in mid December but this year, it will commence on Thursday, November 30 2017.

Mr. Evelyn further indicated, that the main reason why Gingerama is been held earlier this year, was because December is normally packed with activities. He noted that it was competing with a number of other activities and as a result of that, the attendance for the shows for the last two years were affected. Evelyn also said that the patrons have complained about the cold weather, that is usually experienced in mid December.

Evelyn said that this upcoming Saturday October 21, there will see the first pre-activity at Market Shop. He said that the five Miss Gingerama contestants and the six Miss Gingerettes contestants will be revealed to the general public. Evelyn noted, that the event will start at 1:00 pm and the contestants will be taken on a motorcade around Gingerland and to Charlestown and back.

Evelyn closed by saying he will like to thank all the committee members and others who have continued with their efforts in making the event a success. He also stated that the sponsors should be commended for sponsoring the event.

Ms. Sandra Browne who is responsible for the Miss Gingerama Pageant also gave some brief remarks. She noted that there are five contestants who will be competing in this year’s show. She pointed out that that the ladies will compete in five segments. The segments she said are, Cultural Presentation, Talent, Those were the Days, Evening Wear and Interview. Browne indicated that preparations thus far are going smoothly and the show will be one to remember. In closing, she said that she was hopeful that persons will come out and support the show and Gingerama on a whole.

Ms. Nikieta Liburd also gave some brief remarks. She is responsible for the Miss Gingerette Pageant. Liburd told the gathering, that the show is sponsored by TDC and six young girls will be taking part in the pageant. She noted that she calls them, ‘The Sensational Six’. She noted that preparations are in order and she is been assisted by Ms. Bridgette Hunkins. Liburd said that the show is always at a high standard and this year will be no different. She was of the view that once everything goes as planned; the pageant will be an unforgettable one.

The official lineup for Gingerama 2017 is as follows:

Thursday, November 30:        Official Opening and Cultural Showcase

Friday, December 1:               Band and DJ Night featuring local artists and one overseas artist

Saturday, December 2:           J’ouvert and Miss Gingerama Pageant

Sunday, December 3:              Miss Gingerette Pageant






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