Gingerland Community Focuses On The Corn Mill

By: Curtis Morton

Gingerland-Nevis-The community Center located at Hard times in Gingerland, better known as the ‘Corn Mill’, was a hub of activity on Tuesday 5th May.

Community Development Officer, Miss Tracey Parris led out on the community day with a focus on the now dormant corn mill. She was assisted with information on the workings of the mill, by Ms Mary Herbert, Mr. John Parris and Mr. Conrad Taylor, who all shared information about the operations of the mill.

This information was passed on to the many school children and other community members who took time out to visit the Corn Mill on the significant day.

Additionally, Miss Parris ensured that there were many exhibits which spoke to the way of life in the 50’s and 60’s on the island.

Focus was placed on the types of houses; utensils etc that were used back then.

Emphasis was also placed on the cultural aspects which included masquerades and big drum and some of the top local exponents of the art forms.

Mr. Michael ‘Wise’ Herbert also used the opportunity to educate his listeners on the various types of bush medicines and their purpose in the healing or preventative process.

The activity was held as part of the Community Development Department’s focus on the community for the month of May.

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