Go Getters Donate to Community

The GO GETTERS FITNESS CLUB, which is coordinated by its founder, national cricketer, Adelvin Phillip, made a significant donation to a few selected students, within the St. John’s community, on the afternoon of Tuesday 19th October.

Mrs. Orna Phillip, a member of the club, presented school supplies to the students who were accompanied by their proud parents.

She noted that the club was giving back to the community, to assist persons in need.

Mr. Phillip pointed out that the funds were collected as late fees dues from the members.

The arrangement within the club is that for each session that the members arrive late, they are fined $1.00.

The money collected was utilized to purchase the school supplies for the children.

Phillip also used the opportunity to urge other persons to become members of the club, so that they too can be ‘fit and trim.’

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