Gold House Leads at IWPS

The Ivor Walters Primary School conducted their cross country runs on Friday 22nd February 2013.

There was a fair sized contingent of very supportive spectators as the younger children raced down the road adjacent to the school, down past the Special Education Unit and returned to the school. The senior students went into the village of Brown Hill and back to the school. The results were as follows:

Kindergarten Girls

1st Sierra Fahie – Red
2nd Diandre` Drew – Gold
3rd Tyanna Kelly – Red
4th Kekona Charles – Gold
5th Layla Powell – Green
6th Rrheyanah Powell – Green
7th Alixandria Johnson – Red
8th Xzania Brookes – Red
9th Zyon Hardings – Green
10th Annika Liburd – Red

Kindergarten Boys

1st Kenron Freeman – Green
2nd Sammy Lucius – Gold
3rd Nevroy Manners – Green
4th Jae-ele Swanston – Red
5th Diandre Delpeche – Red
6th Kijorn Walters – Red
7th Nicholon Browne – Gold
8th Kijari Huggins – Gold
9th None
10th None

Grade One(1) & Two (2) Girls

1st Eden Howell – Gold
2nd Tekeisha Sutton – Gold
3rd Keesha Mills – Green
4th Deandra Webbe – Red
5th Keshawna Smithen – Green
6th Thelisha Walters- Green
7th Aqeena Sweeney – Green
8th Leasia Thompson – Red
9th Kylah Browne – Green
10th Pearle Clarke – Gold

Grade One(1) & Two (2) Boys

1st Damari Mitchell – Red (New Record) 7:19:13
2nd Shervan Warner – Red
3rd Vibert Stephen Jr. – Green
4th N’Jaun Clarke – Gold
5th Chris Browne – Red
6th Nathan Woolward- Green
7th Tyrel David – Green
8th J’Kwon Marshall – Red
9th Jahmal Lewis – Green
10th Kimani Liburd – Red

Grade Three(3) – Six (6) Girls

1st Alexia Sweeney – Red
2nd Jahvancia Tyson – Green
3rd Aniah Fyfield – Gold
4th Sharissa Williams – Gold
5th Kishonia Merritt – Red
6th Sherima Prentis – Gold
7th Shaniah Richards – Red
8th Alyssah Thompson – Green
9th La-Mya Pollard – Gold
10th Charisma Kelly – Gold

Grade Three(3) – Six (6) Boys

1st Nicholas Evans – Gold
2nd Taije Jeffers – Gold
3rd Rasean Browne – Red
4th Shuquinho Chapman – Gold
5th Jahmarrie Clarke – Green
6th Rocco Browne – Red
7th Jermaine Walters – Gold
8th Gabriel Howell – Red
9th Ishun Smithen – Green
10th Sherlan Warner – Gold

Point standings after Cross Country

Gold House – 585

Green House – 556

Red House – 533

On Wednesday 27th February 2013 will be the annual Road Relay which will commence at 9:30 am .
The Ivor Walters Primary School Annual Sports Meet will be held on the 08th March 2013 at the Brown Hill recreation ground starting at 12:30 pm sharp. The General public is invited.

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