For the uninformed, it would have been reported that the prestigious Four Seasons Resort was having a Valentine’s fiesta on Wednesday 7th June.

The entire green was pervaded with a sea of red on that day, as some of Nevis’ finest women-young and not so young, engaged in the sport of Golf, as they celebrated international women’s Golf day. Over eighty women participated in the event.

The day’s activity was split into three parts:

First there was a training session for all of the would be Golfers conducted by local Golf Pro at the Resort, Robert Byron, who was ably assisted by quite a number of the employees at the Resort.

Segment two involved an actual game time period as the women teed off in spectacular fashion.

There were no real incidents nor accidents, although the camera men present were very wary of misplaced balls going in varying directions. The women also enthusiastically drove their golf carts all across the green.

Segment three involved a winding down period, where the women were able to meet and greet and socialize in a big way and speak about the day’s activity.

There were also speeches by Director of Sports, Mr. Mackay France who lauded his boss Mr. Ed Gannon for sanctioning the day’s activity and Robert Byron and the other staff members for coordinating it.

Asst. Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Social Development, Miss Michelle Liburd, who spoke on behalf of the Hon. Hazel Brandy-Williams, who was off island, also paid tribute to the entire Four Seasons team for coordinating the event and noted that Nevis has officially joined several countries worldwide in celebrating the significant day.

She opined that with such a start, more women will become actively involved in the sport and even promoted it as an activity that can be shared with business related endeavours.

General Manger, Mr. Ed Gannon, for his part congratulated the women for their participation and noted that the Four Seasons Resort will be offering several package deals going forward.

Mr. France later explained that the Resort will offer similar Golf lessons once per month with limited bookings so as not to jeopardize the packages already in place for the guests at the hotel. The women were also given vouchers for package deals at the SPA and Pro shop.

Robert Byron in his opening remarks noted that he was bent on teaching the basics of the sport which involved grip hold; posture and swing.

The women all indicated that they had had a fun experience and many of them have determined to take up the sport on a regular basis.

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