Great Reviews for 2014 Primary School Football League

By: Curtis Morton

(CHARLESTOWN, NEVIS)- One day after the conclusion of the 2014 edition of the Primary Schools’ Football league, Director of Sports on Nevis, Jamir Claxton and the Sports Coordinator within the Ministry of Education, Ms Michelle Sutton, sat down to review the tournament.

Both admitted to some hitches along the way, with the transportation issues posing more than a few headaches, but even that was eventually sorted out.

They had great commendations for the two bus drivers, Frank and Lester who apart from their regular daily duties had to transport the youthful Footballers to the various venues across the island.

This year, the Sports Department and the Education Department have moved their collaborative efforts to another level. In the past, it was a matter of one Department assisting the other with a particular program, but this year, they are now working hand in hand to coordinate various programs.

Some of the programs that have been successfully coordinated for the year thus far include the Primary Schools Cricket league; Inter High Schools Basketball and Netball tournament, The Primary Schools’ Football league and Kiddies athletics in the Pre schools (a new initiative).

Shortly to come on stream, will be Netball clinics in the Primary Schools, in an effort to revive the game on the island.

The theme being utilized from the Education Department’s perspective is: “Advancing holistic education for all, through positive expectations, collaborations and accountability”.

For Claxton, one major positive coming out of this year’s league was the revelation that every single school had one or two players who could make it to the national level.

For Ms Sutton, her major positive was the fact that this year, instead of a single venue, four venues were utilized for the matches. They were: The ET Willet Park; the VOJN grounds; The Flats in Cole Hill and the St.Thomas’ Primary playing field.

The two youth leaders joined in thanking all of the stakeholders who helped to make the tournament a success and are promising that next year will be even bigger and better.

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