By:Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis–The recently formed voluntary group which has focused on cleaning up specific areas on Nevis, were at it again recently.

Members of the GREEN COAST crew, headed by Miss Rhosyll Jeffers conducted another clean up exercise on the coast line of Butler’s Bay.

The exercise was carried out on Saturday 22nd August and less volunteers showed up than was the case with the first exercise, which saw about forty bags of waste materials removed from the area.

According to Miss Jeffers, this time around, ‘only about thirty bags were removed but the volunteers worked really hard and their efforts are truly appreciated.’

Another similar exercise was originally planned for Sunday 23rd July but Miss Jeffers indicated that that one had to be postponed as proper contacts were not made in advance for cleanup crew to be present.

She is however advising the general public, that the next major effort will focus on the clearing of Long Haul Bay, located in Barnaby village. This one is slated for Saturday 22nd August.

She is urging all interested members of the general public to join the campaign.

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