By Curtis Morton

Friday 16th February saw much excitement being created at the Gingerland Secondary school.

The buzz from the students was a clear indication that something special was happening.

It was soon made quite clear that their teachers were going to feature in a teachers’ relay.

The educators started at the school and ran on the main road, making a left turn by the Gingerland Police station, up the Hard Times road and making a left turn just above Blackie’s Disco and then journeying down the Rawlins road, onto the main road and back to the school.

Along the route, the students cheered them on vociferously.

Probably the three main features of the race, were: Teacher Shirna Browne, running a speedy third leg and asking the vehicle in front of her to ‘get out the way’; teacher Huggins finishing the last leg for green house like a jet plane and Teacher Cranston running the first and final legs for his house.

At the end of the race, the results were:

1st Green House

2nd Sports committee

3rd Red House

4th Blue House

The Gingerland Secondary school will host its annual sports meet on Thursday 22nd February.



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