Grenada ushers in new era of open government

Press Release

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, TUESDAY, MARCH 4, 2014 – GIS: _ A new era of open government was ushered in here on Tuesday after the country’s Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell became the first to declare his assets to the newly established Integrity Commission.

Prime Minister Mitchell walked into the Archibald Avenue office of the commission ten o clock sharp armed with updated copies of his personal financial information.

The Grenadian leader who had consistently advocated the need for an Integrity Commission and for public officers to be held accountable, handed over his documents to the chairperson of the commission, retired justice Monica Joseph.

“I am happy to be part of this important initiative in the country. Despite the fact that some others championed the issue of good governance and integrity in public life they had five years to implement the law to make sure that ministers and important officials in government do declare and they failed to do so,” Dr. Mitchell told reporters gathered outside the Integrity Commission’s office on Tuesday.

“I am very happy that we are back in office and we have officially got this important act going and that I am the first person to declare my assets and I am proud to have done so because I believe it is important in the interest of the country that those of us who bring our self forward to represent people”.

Dr. Mitchell’s previous NNP administration in 2007 passed the first act for a declaration of assets by key officials in government.

However, the Tillman Thomas administration that assumed power in 2008 did not follow through on establishing the commission.

Dr. Mitchell’s NNP strengthened the law last October before establishing the commission, months after reclaiming the government by way of a landslide election victory.

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