Guidance Counsellors Benefit From Parent Empowerment Training

(EMU) – St. Kitts, September 27, 2016: Guidance counsellors in primary and secondary schools have a better understanding of the challenges that some parents may face in relating to their children when dealing with complex issues such as substance abuse, discipline and the like having completed a recent workshop entitled “Empowerment for Parents.”

The Ministry of Education organized the workshop which was conducted by Ms. Karlene Rickard out of the United Kingdom who actually designed and wrote the programme which deals with such topics such as Communication, Discipline, Academics, Drug Use and Money Matters; all considered important topics in parent-child relationships.
Ms Rickard stressed that allowing participants to sit in the “parenting seat rather than the counselling seat, helped to have them recall and identify with real issues among parents and their children and to consider issues from that perspective rather than as teachers.”

The facilitator commented that prejudices expressed by one participant in particular when he first realized that his facilitator would be a senior citizen was used as a teaching tool in assessing what youth express and how to deal with them patiently. She added that the guidance counsellor who had felt that way ended up admitting that it was the best training he had every received thanks to her expertise and years of experience.

Another participant Mr. Roysdean Richards stated, “the well structured programme comprised two components: Strand A and Strand B which covered such topics as identity, relationships, setting boundaries, self care and communication. He said apart from helping parents it would also assist him in dealing with children in the classrooms and in counselling sessions.”

Other topics included: active listening; temperament, Stages of development; Abuse; Anger Management; Gender; Rewards; Types of Families; Rights and Safety of Children and Graduation

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