“Hamilton” musical inspires US author to visit Alexander Hamilton Museum

where he came from.” Jeff Wilser from New York, the author of the upcoming Alexander Hamilton’s Guide to Life, on sale September 20th, from three Rivers Press visited the Alexander Hamilton Museum in May, 2016.

Nevis Historical and Conservation Society (NHCS)is the guardian of the Alexander Hamilton Museum.

Wilser said during an interview that Nevis is a strong link in Hamilton’s life.

He said Alexander Hamilton’s popularity is soaring because of the “Hamilton” musical in New York which Wilser described as a work of genius. “I think one reason why people are so drawn to the story of Hamilton himself is the man Hamilton.”

The New York author believes Nevis and St. Croix are both critical in Hamilton’s story. “Hamilton is a son of Nevis and comes from the soil of Nevis. I am here to see for myself the water he would look at in the morning, the air he breathed. It is important to appreciate


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