Gingerland –Nevis –A brief but significant ceremony was held at the Joycelyn Liburd Primary School on Tuesday 30th January.

On that day, the organization known as HANDS ACROSS THE SEA officially donated a large number of reading books to the school.

Presenting on behalf of HANDS ACROSS THE SEA, was Mrs. Harriet Linkskey, who along with her husband Tom, is a co-founder of the organization.

Mrs. Linkskey explained that her organization is a charitable, nonprofit one, with its main goal dedicated to raising the literacy levels of the Caribbean children.

She noted that her organization was in its eleventh year of assisting schools within the federation, in this regard and stated that that they would have assisted 42 schools; donated over 42,000 books and assisted over 15,000 children within the federation of St.Kitts and Nevis, during that period of time.

She further stated that her organization wants the children to become excited about reading and therefore the books were carefully selected and include exciting narratives such as the Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew and the like.

Headmistress, Mrs. Barbara Hendrickson expressed appreciation on behalf of the school for the kind gesture and indicated that if she had the time, she herself would read all of the books.

She noted that the books are given to the students in the various classrooms and even though the school is yet to acquire a library, they have established what is referred to as a READING NOOK, which acts as a substitute for a library.

She also thanked staff member and coach at the school, Mr. Kurvin Wallace, for building a set of shelves, on which the books are placed.

Education officer, Miss Londa Browne also thanked the organization for the kind gesture and also praised the efforts of the Joycelyn Liburd Primary school’s headmistress and teachers, who always ensure that despite not having a the library facilities, that the children are thoroughly prepared for reading activities and related activities, hosted by her department.

The Hands Across the sea website reveals the following information in terms of Caribbean countries assisted thus far:

44 projects assisted
48,470 books sent
9,138 children reached

85 projects assisted
85,845 books sent
11,660 children reached

42 projects assisted
46,220 books sent
13,100 children reached

81 projects assisted
73,875 books sent
24,270 children reached


78 projects assisted
80,290 books sent
18,600 children reached

55 projects assisted
37,940 books sent
16,770 children reached


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