Hanley’s Road Annual fishing Tournament another whopping success.

Hanley’s Road –Nevis- Scores of individuals gathered at the Indian Castle Bay, on Monday 1st May, to be a part of the annual Fishing tournament, hosted by the Hanley’s Road Fishers’ Association.

As early as 5.15 am some 13 boats pushed out to sea to compete in two main categories:

  • Category A-Finger Fishing
  • Category B-Long line/set line fishing

There was music, food and drinks in galore as the boats, which returned just around 4pm were greeted with much enthusiasm from the huge crowd.

Some persons were more interested in the sale of the wonderful fish on exhibition and some were fortunate to be able to purchase a few extra pounds, while others were more interested in knowing which boats/individuals had won.

When all of the fish had been weighed and counted, the final results were as follows:

Largest Fish-category A

1st MV COM-c-23 ½ lbs.

2nd MV Momas Love-16 ½ lbs.

3rd MV Kimoy-16 lbs.

 Number of fish –Category A

1st MV Moreen-73

2nd MV Britinish-70

3rd MV Kimoy -54

Winner of the finger fishing category-MV Moreen.

For category B, which featured long line or set fishing, the winner was the boat with the most pounds of fish. That was won by MV Master Tariq-70 pounds of fish.

The top captains in category A were as follows:

1st MV Moreen-captained by Everton TEDDY Chapman

2nd MV Britinish-captained by Don Perkins

3rd MV COM-c-captained by Loren NANEE James

4th MV Kimoy-captained by Stedroy GARGOO Pemberton

5th MV Momas love-captained by Eric Stapleton

The top captain in category B was Earl FESTUS Freeman

Chief organizer, Mackie Moore and his hard working team, must be highly commended for pulling off yet another successful tournament.


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