‘Happy Endings’ opens on Friday for ‘Lounge Night’, and Saturday for ‘Club Night’

‘Happy Endings Lounge and Bar’ will open its doors to the general public on Friday, March 7 ,2014 for its ‘Lounge Night’.

Come! Sit, relax and rock to soft background music on Friday night at Nevis’ most luxurious night club located at the corner of Low Street, Charlestown, Nevis. There is no admission fee.

Then on Saturday, March 8, 2014 ‘Happy Endings’ presents ‘Saturday Night Fever’.

The club will begin the month of March with a ‘bang’ as it represents for its ‘Pisces’ people.

Coming from across the waters of St. Kitts is E.K from Freedom FM alongside  Unstoppable  Sound .

Entrance fee is $20.00 all night. Action kicks off at 9:00 p.m.

AGE LIMIT MUST BE 18 YEARS AND OVER. An ID may be required.

Remember there is no ending like ‘Happy Endings’.

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