Has Charlie and His Angels Come To Nevis?

By: Curtis Morton

Charlestown-Nevis—Some folks on Nevis grew up watching and loving the television serial known as ‘Charlie’s Angels’ and that show featured three beautiful young ladies who effectively served to capture and upstage the bad guys, under the guidance of a boss known as ‘Charlie’ who was not physically identified but his voice was a constant throughout, as he dished out instructions and advice to the three ladies.

Last week an alarm was raised throughout several islands in the Caribbean, including Antigua and Barbados, of a game being played by some students in a number of schools, who after playing what appeared to be an innocent game referred to as the Charlie Charlie Challenge, were seen exhibiting strange behaviour.

Apparently some children were hospitalized and Pastors were asked to visit some schools.

The game has been described as another form of the Ouija Board which involves the balancing of pencils in a cross on a piece of paper with the words “yes” and “no” written on the paper, and summoning a visit from a demon by the name of Charlie, who then answers the players’ questions by moving the pencils in the direction of the words.

Shockingly, an investigation over the weekend revealed that the game has been introduced and is being played in Secondary schools and Primary schools on Nevis and was certainly prevalent in some schools throughout last week.

One student who asked not to be identified mentioned seeing two different shades of colours around a friend’s eyes after she played the game.

Teachers questioned have been fairly tight lipped but seem to be aware that something has been going on.
Parents are being warned that they should educate their children about staying away as far as possible from the game as it could result in serious harm to them.

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