Prime Minister, Gaston Browne Said That More Attention Needed to Be Placed on Intra-Regional Travel

Head of CARICOM, Antigua and Barbuda Prime Minister, Gaston Browne said that more attention needed to be placed on intra-regional travel, as it is a multi-billion, underutilized industry

He said “while we look exclusively to foreign trade and tourists coming from abroad, there are significant amounts of intra-regional citizens and residents contributing to a vibrant, intra-regional travel industry,” he said.

Browne said intra-regional travel will also help the Caribbean region.

During his inaugural speech recently at CARICOM, Browne called for the removal of inter-island travel bans.

Barbados has announced a travel bubble that excluded islands with high COVID-19 infections and Browne is seeking to end that type of discrimination within the Caribbean.

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