Herbert thrilled with Vote of Confidence in Hardtimes Playing Field

By: Curtis Morton

Michael WISE Herbert in a recent interview expressed the fact that he was really thrilled with the vote of confidence that has been expressed in the Hard times Playing field.

For the first time in the history of the primary schools TDC sponsored Runako Morton league, the opening ceremony was this year held away from the premier cricketing venue on the island, the ET Willet Park.

Herbert was thrilled that the Hard times playing field was not only utilized for the opening ceremony but also for the first match of the series, which was played between JLPS and EPPS.

He was also happy to point out that chief coordinator of the tournament, Carl Tuckett, has indicated that some more of the preliminary matches will be played at the venue, including one of the semifinal matches.

In referring to the playing field, Herbert indicated that there has been a postponement to the renaming of the grounds in commemoration of the late Runako Morton, which was initially scheduled around his date of birth on July 24th.

However, he noted that there were some other additions to be completed at the grounds, including the lighting of the area. Therefore, the renaming ceremony may not take place until year end.

He is, however, hoping to organize some tournaments in the interim to be played at the grounds.

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