High Command’s Collective Vision Shared With Rank At File At Commissioner’s Lecture.

Police Press Release

Basseterre, St. Kitts, February 26, 2016 (RSCNPF):”Teamwork, Responsibility, Accountability and Discipline,” were three guiding words left with the rank and file of the Royal St. Christopher Police Force after a Commissioner’s Lecture on Wednesday (February 24) in St. Kitts and Thursday (February 25) in Nevis. They were Commissioner Ian M. Queeley’s first lectures since taking leadership of the Police Service. He was accompanied by the other members of the newly installed Police High Command and the Personnel Officer Mr. Clifford Govia.

The lectures by the Commissioner to the subordinate Police Officers, Station Officers and Gazetted Officers on both islands were the backdrop for the sharing of the collective vision of the new leadership at this time of transition in the Police Service.

Deputy Commissioner Brandy and the three (3) Assistant Commissioners ACPs’ James, Mitchell and Hughes, each with their own distinct but interdependent directorates addressed the gathered officers and highlighted their respective responsibilities. The messages of “Teamwork, accountability and discipline” resonated.

Force Personnel Officer, Mr. Govia provided an update on upcoming changes with regards to the force personnel management. “Educational opportunities for officers”, he said will focus in the future, “we have already engaged facilitators to teach a variety of CXC and CSEC courses at the Police training centre, the centre in the evening will be a centre of educational excellence” he told the officers. He challenged them to embrace the opportunities for their benefit and that of force.

Addressing the gathered officers, Commissioner Queeley first thanked them for their vigilance and sacrifice over the last few weeks, he told the officers that their efforts are bearing fruit and they should be proud of what they are doing. He expressed that he was humbled to lead the organization and requested the support of all. To a resounding applause he shared with the group that teams had taken an illegal firearm and ammunition from our communities the night before (Tuesday 23).

Commissioner Queeley said to the officers, “The way forward will not be business as usual, we will be guided by the ‘2016-2019 Police Strategic Plan’, the ‘Three Year Service Improvement Plan’ and other doctrines developed to ensure citizen safety, and so as you become more familiar with these plans and our directorates, I want to hear from you, we the High Command can’t do this alone. We solicit your ideas, and we will embrace in implement when they viable.”

The Commissioner also addressed performance expectations, the Police Welfare Association, recognition and rewards for the Police Force, his intention to deal swiftly with issues of corruption and a variety of other topics. He said he looks forward to future lectures, and then engaged the officers in a lively questions & answers period.

His Excellency Sir S. W. Tapley Seaton taking a question after his presentation on the Juvenile Laws at the Commissioner's Lecture on Wednesday Feb 25
His Excellency Sir S. W. Tapley Seaton taking a question after his presentation on the Juvenile Laws at the Commissioner’s Lecture on Wednesday Feb 25

However, the highlight of the lecture was a presentation by His Excellency Sir S.W Tapley Seaton on a piece of legislation he drafted while working as a Legal Draftsman, in the Office of the Attorney General many years ago. This is the legislation that deals with juveniles found on the streets after 10 pm. This presentation was very well received.

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