High Court Judge denies Government’s application to strike out the Motion Of No Confidence matter in St.Kitts

Basseterre, St.Kitts (TUCOM-Jan 20th 2015):-The High Court Judge Justice Marlene Carter on Tuesday Afternoon January 20th declared that the MONC(Motion of No Confidence) matter involves serious questions of public importance that deserve judicial determination. A date for the MONC matter to continue will subsequently be fixed by the Court office.

Her Ladyship Justice Carter dismissed the application brought by the Defendants in the MONC case who were seeking to have the matter thrown out, discontinued or to finish away with it because they submitted that the matter was now academic and cannot be enforced . She adopted the arguments of Team UNITY Lead Counsel Douglas Mendes S.C., who had read the Affidavit of Curtis Martin in his application to set aside the discontinuance in July 2013.

Team UNITY Leader Dr. Timothy Harris in speaking to the afternoon’s proceedings stated “This whole application has been a blatant attempt by the outgoing Govt to attempt to thwart the hearing of this very important case for the people of St. Kitts and Nevis.”
It is curious that when the opposition had made moves to have the matter withdrawn from the courts almost 2 years ago, the government had argued vigorously that there were important questions to be answered with regard to the Speaker and the tabling of a MONC and so that matter should continue. But now the same Government is bringing an application to strike out the very same case that it had kept in the courts for over a year.
One must now legitimately question whether the stance taken the by the minority government was just another rouse to keep the matter “sub judice” as a means of denying the elected majority their constitutional and parliamentary rights yet again.
This is another victory for the people of SKN. We are one step closer to a government that respects Democracy and puts the people of SKN first.

It is unfortunate that Dr Douglas is a desperate dictator who will do anything to hold on to power. His desperation leads to abuse of power and most importantly total manipulation of his own people.

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