High Schools Relay Championship Upcoming

DSC04467Ag. Director of Sports, Jamir Claxton, teamed up with Sports Coordinator in the Ministry of Education, Michelle Sutton on Thursday, to advertise the upcoming super athletic contest between the High Schools on Nevis.

According to the two sports officials, the competition between the High Schools will be in the form of a relay show down at the ET Willet Park on Friday 5th April. It is a coordinated effort between the Department of Sports and the Ministry of Education.

They noted that the meet will be held in an effort to revive the competition level between the High Schools and to showcase their top athletes.

The races will include the 4 x 100; 4 x 200; 4 x 400; a medley relay and a 2 X 600

They appealed for the support of the general public as they seek to revive the inter High school championship after a void of some ten years. The action commences at 2.30 pm and adults will pay $5.00 and children $3.00

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