By:Curtis Morton

There was an impressive crowd at the ET Willett Park for a weekday, Wednesday 1st March to be exact, as the final four football action continued.

In match one, the Hard Times team came up against the aggressive Youths of the Future and seemed set to dominate, when they scored early in the first half.

However, a defender’s error saw them scoring an own goal, later in the match.

Add to that several missed chances and by the final whistle, both teams had to settle for a draw.

Final score: Hard Times 1 YOTF 1

In match two, the SL Horsfords Highlights Int team, engaged the BA Stoney Grove Strikers.

Both teams appeared very tentative in the first half and remained scoreless.

However, both teams showed more intensity during the second half.

A slight fumble by goalie PAS, saw Shaheed SIZZLER Tyson, pounced on the ball and knock it home.

Less than two minutes later, Carlos, of the Highlights team, responded with a bomber, from way downtown, which hit high into the back of the net. Make that 1 goal-all.

A free kick, later in the game, saw Jamie Hamilton, also tapping one in to the back of the net.

Two goals to one in favour of the Highlights men.

As the game intensified, tempers flared and both teams displayed unsportsmanlike behaviour, which forced the Referee to issue several yellow cards.

As the minutes ran out in the game, it was Carlos again. This time it was a free kick from fairly close range, which was hit low and hard to the right of the hapless goalie.

Final score: Highlights 3 Stoney Grove 1.

Matches continue at the ET Willett Park on Sunday evening—5th February.

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