Highlights Maintains Unbeaten Run

The domineering SL Horsfords Highlights Int Football team continued its unbeaten run in the local Football league on Tuesday 7th January.

The powerful Highlights line up engaged the more lowly placed Hard times team who in the end performed creditably enough to minimize the Highlights scoring streak to just 4 goals.

The final score line: Highlights 4 Hard times 0

Here is the summary of the match:

SL Horsfords Highlights 4 – 0 Hardtimes


Kirkland Harris 2
Keijani Hamilton 1
Adrian Williams 1

Upcoming matches:

Brown Hill SSG Strikers at the ETW Park—on Saturday )11-Jan at 7:00 PM
Villa IFC AllStars at the ETW Park on Sunday )12 at 7:00 PM

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