Another intense encounter in the local Football league, took place at the ET Willet Park on Sunday 29th January.

In the spotlight were the CCC Bath United and SL Horsfords Highlights Int teams.

Very early in the first half, a corner kick saw Royston Queeley for the Highlights team, hitting a superb header into the back of the net.

The Bath men gave it their all and tried their utmost to equalize, but on the verge of the whistle to signal the end of the first half, a cross by Royston Queeley, saw the ball being expertly tapped in, by one of his team mates and they celebrated in style.

The Bath men made every effort to score in the second half and managed not to concede any more goals, to their credit, but the Highlights team, held on to their lead, up to the final whistle.

Final score: SL Horsfords Highlights 2 CCC Bath United nil

The next scheduled game is on the evening of Wednesday 1st February, when Hard Times is set to engage the exciting Youths of the Future, in what is expected to be yet another thriller.

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