Historic Tie at Maude Cross Preparatory

History was created at the Maude Cross Preparatory School, at its annual sports meet, held on Friday 8th March.
Two houses emerged tied in first place.
In other circles, people would have been insisting on a recount!
The final results saw –Gold house and Red house, tied in first place on 415.5 points and Green house in second place on 362.5 points!
The meet was held at the ET Willet Park, under the distinguished patronage of former student, Mr. Raynaldon X-RAY Bartlette.
After the march past, the athletes competed in the 400; 800; 200; 100; 4×100 and 4×400 meters races and excited the sizeable crowd on hand.
The top athletes in the various classes were as follows:

Preschool boys-Chaii 14 points

Preschool girls -Rayjeune Liburd 14 points

Class 7 boys- Isaiah Herbert 17 points

Class 7 girls-Juliana Freeman 21 points

Class 6 boys-Jahreem Doras 17 points

Class 6 girls-Tashanae Wilkin 19 points

Class 5 boys-J’Dunte Sweeney 19 points

Class 5 girls-Nigelica Lescott 19 points

Class 4 boys-Aedan Willimas-21 points

Class 4 girls-Zhanae Underwood 37 points-with two records in the 400 and 800 meters

Class 3 boys-Kymarni Underwood 35 points with a record in the 800 meters

Class 3 girls C’y’Asia Tyson 21 points

Class 2 boys-Vidal-J Jones 15 points

Class 2 girls-Makenzi Hall 19 points

Class 1 boys-Ewin Telemaque 21 points

Class 1 girls-Tiquana Dore 31 points

Victor Ludorum-Kymarni Underwood of Red house with 35 points

Victrix Ludorum-Zhanae Underwood of Gold house with 37 points

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