Honourable Joseph Parry Delivers Heartfelt OneNevis Presentation

Day Two Nevis Budget Debate 2018

Charlestown Nevis– Today the Honourable Joseph Parry delivered a heartfelt presentation that was appreciated by supporters of both political parties on Nevis.

The Premier of Nevis the Honourable Mark Brantley later posted on his facebook page and said: “I do not always agree with the Hon Joseph Parry and have on occasions vociferously opposed his views. However, I must commend him on a sober and erudite response to the 2018 Budget. His tone and demeanour were the likes of which I had never seen in the House. I welcome very much this level of discourse. We have said this is OneNevis and we must continue to demonstrate that we are serious in our commitment to listen and include all views in our governance. Kudos to Hon Joseph Parry.”

Premier of Nevis the Honourable Mark Brantley


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