Horse Back Riding : Nevis Equestrian Center Hosts Successful Camp

It was a camp geared towards beginners and it was hosted by Ms. Erika Guilbert, Operations Manager, at the Nevis Equestrian Center.

The beginners’ camp attracted some 16 young children and ran over the period, Monday, July 27 to Tuesday,  August 4, 2020 as at least two of the proposed days, were affected by inclement weather conditions.

Ms. Guilbert explained that the students were given an introduction to horseback riding and were able to mount a horse for the first time in their lives.

They were also coached in identifying the body parts of the horse; identify the various bits of equipment used on a horse and were given a lesson in the shoeing of a horse, by Mr. John Guilbert.

Due to the fact that there is also a wide variety of animal species at the Center, the children were also taught about those animals as well and taught how to care for them.

Another beginners’ camp will commence on Monday 17th August and interested parents and guardians can contact Ms. Guilbert at 662-9118, in order to register their children.

On the conclusion of that camp, an advanced horseback riding course will commence on Monday 24th August. This will cater for children who are regulars at the Center and are quite adept at horseback riding already but will receive further training, which will enhance their potential to eventually become local star jockeys at horse racing events, if and when the beloved sport returns to Nevis.

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