Horseracing Beach Horse Race Meet Excites Horse Race Lovers

Horse race Felicio on Maca Chicle and Jacob on Hamilton

A day of ‘nostalgia’ took place on Sunday the 12th of November at Paradise Beach. It was a ‘take me back’ to the exhilarating days of Indian Castle horse racing but, this time It was the Nevis Equestrian Centre bringing horseback racing to spectators at the beach.

The race meeting was held in honour of the dearly departed Dan Bartlette, the Nevisian partner of the Guilberts, when they first established the Nevis Equestrian Center, way back in 1996.

The first race saw Cat, a former jockey, riding Hawk for the win.

The second race had Nigel riding the winning horse, Emile J.

Third race, it was Travis won on Bertico and the fourth and final race saw Maca Chicle being ridden for the win by Felicio.

The event, a fundraiser to assist the Nevis Equestrian Center with the replenishing of horses, startup of donkey cart rides and expansion of the petting zoo, was generously sponsored by: Miriam Knorr, Paradise Beach, Oualie Beach Hotel, Sunshine’s Bar & Grill, Golden Rock Hotel, Felicio Martin, Blackstone Family by Hind’s Electrical Services (HEES) and Recklife Movement-DJ Lalbo with Farda Fish’s Club XO and included twelve volunteers who helped to make the day a novel success.

As it was also a Family Fun Day, for the children there were lots of pony rides, a petting Zoo area and bouncing castles.

For the adults, the mechanical bull was brought over from St. Kitts and vendors included: Ras Iroy with his Ital… Royston from Juicy Bites grilling up his winning (Dr. Packer Florida) ribs…Rosie’s Patties…The Wine Cart…Carol’s
Massages…NEC cocktail bar and DJ SG Prezidential.

The crowd swelled and provided organizer, Erika Guilbert, with many commendations, requesting this activity to be held again and on a regular basis to which she replied…” maybe for Easter”!

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