Hurricane Sam to remain a major hurricane for days, no threat to the U.S.

Hurricane Sam is about 800 miles east-southeast of the northern Leeward Islands. Sam is small but mighty with winds sustained at 130 mph. The category 4 hurricane is expected to maintain major hurricane strength as the system moves slowly northeast at 8 mph.

Hurricane-force winds extend 30 miles from the center and tropical-storm-force winds extend up to 130 miles outward. The storm is expected to make a north turn before the Leeward Islands, likely remaining a fish storm. Sam will not bring any impacts to the U.S though the swells from the storm will impact the Lesser Antilles.

The National Hurricane Center is monitoring the far eastern tropical Atlantic for development in the coming days. An area of low pressure and a tropical wave expected to emerge off the coast of Africa on Monday have a high chance of development. The next name on the list is Victor.

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