I.R.D: Tax Tip Notice..

In keeping with our tax awareness we at the Inland Revenue Department continue to encourage taxpayers to meet their obligations to us and know their rights while dealing with us. We at the department continue in our efforts through our motto of “Building Our Nation Through Responsible Tax Administration”. We also make a plea to taxpayers to visit us and settle all outstanding arrears and avoid paying interest of one percent per month and penalties of $100 per month after the due date.

We welcome every taxpayer to experience our indisputable quality customer service to help resolve every and any tax situation by providing top notch tax administration.

For more information about the Inland Revenue Department, Contact us at (869) 469-5856 or visit our offices at the R G Solomon Arcade and the Valu-Mart Complex.

Be sure to Like us on Facebook for daily updates about the department and its taxes.

Inland Revenue Department

R.G. Solomon Arcade

Main Street



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