Ian Patches Liburd Assistance Fund Shows His Commitment to the People of East Basseterre‏

Basseterre, St. Kitts, December 14, 2015 (SKNIS): The Ian Patches Liburd Social Assistance and Youth Development Fund stands as a testament to Minister Liburd’s commitment to help the country, especially the people of his constituency in East Basseterre.
Speaking on the Government’s radio and television programme “Working for You”, on December, 09, Minister Liburd expressed that he believes that the government has a commitment to assist people, individually and collectively, where they need assistance. The people will judge the Government by its performance in assisting people.
He explained that the main source of income for his fund comes from half of his salary which is paid into the fund monthly. He added that the fund has delivered medication, school supplies, 300 lunches to date to those in need and other forms of social assistance to the people of East Basseterre.  This Christmas, the fund will also see the provision of toys to children in his constituency.
“As the hymn goes ‘you are only remembered by the things you have done’,” stated the minister.
One of the many commitments which was already fulfilled came in the form of the provision of water to an 86 year old man who had not received potable water for over 20 years. Minister Liburd said that there are many like him and he will ensure that they too benefit from the delivery of his ministry’s water initiative.
 Minister Liburd took the opportunity to thank the people of East Basseterre who on February 16, 2015, showed their confidence in him.
“To the people of East Basseterre I still say ‘you know me and I know you’,” said the minister, referring to his humble beginnings there.


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