By:Curtis Morton

CJ Bartlette of the Nevis Drag Racing Unit, which falls under the auspices of the Youth and Sports Department, revealed on Wednesday that the annual Independence Drag race meet is definitely on.

Rumours were rife that the much anticipated event may be put off for this year, as a previous meet had been canceled at short notice.

However, Bartlette sought to reassure the Drag racing fans that the event will be held on Sunday 20th September at the St.James’ Raceway.

He indicated that urgent repair work is ongoing at the track. ‘There were some technical issues at the pit area and the Public Works Department will shortly be building a retainer wall,’ he said.

He also stated that work is also being done on the track surface and there is also ongoing work in the spectator area, to ensure that spectators are more comfortable and get a closer view of the speeding vehicles.

He referred to the event as a ‘local’ event but noted that Anguilla and St.Maarten are expected to compete against their St.Kitts and Nevis rivals.

The gates will be flung open at 10 am on race day and adults will pay the usual $20.00 and children $10.00.

The test and tune preliminary events will take place prior to the main races and spectators are also invited to have a look.

The top racers on the day will receive cash prizes as follows:


14sec class-$500, 13sec class-$700, 12sec class-$900, 11Sec class-$1200, 10sec class-$1400, Open Class A-$1800, Open Class B/Outlaw Class-$2000, Open Bike-$1000.


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