Interest on Land forgiven

The following Notice is intended for all persons in receipt of letters allocating parcels of Government lands in St. Kitts. Please take note and be guided accordingly:

1. All persons who have been allocated parcels of land by the National Housing Corporation (NHC) or the Land Sales Office, and who are accruing interest on outstanding balances, are encouraged to take advantage of Government’s “Fresh Start Policy”. Government has decided to waive the interest payments accrued, thereby allowing you to pay the principle amount on or before December 31st 2015. This interest waiver will be applicable to one lot only, in the event that persons are in possession of more than one lot.

2. Persons who received allocations during the period January 1st 2015 and February 15th 2015 are invited to visit the Land Sales Office at the Social Security Building on Liverpool Row (new annex) for the purpose of completing Form #001 in order to proceed as instructed in your letter. Failure to do so by December 31 st 2015 could result in your land allocation being revoked.

On a related note, persons who are in land lease arrangements with Government are urged to take advantage of Government’s new leasing policy announced at the Press Conference of the Prime Minister held on May 27th 2015. In that forum, our Prime Minister, Dr the Hon Timothy Harris, noted that land lease arrangements will be reviewed in order to provide you (the lessee) with “A Fresh Start” towards sustainable development. All such lessees are instructed to visit Government’s Land Sales Office on or before September 30th 2015 to review your lease arrangements with a view to benefitting from Government’s new and progressive Land Lease Policy.

Page 2 of 2 The foregoing constitutes a Team Unity Government policy initiative that is in keeping with its manifesto promise to afford our people the right to own property in the land of their birth. As such, Government is also facilitating the stimulation of economic activity, and access to land for first-time land owners on an equitable basis. Government encourages all persons who have been allocated land for residential and commercial purposes by either the NHC or any other state agency to urgently bring their payments up to date with the land issuing agency or the Treasury, as the case might be. Failure to do so may result in the loss of your land allocation. All concerned are asked to be guided accordingly.

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