By:Curtis Morton

All of the talk is over. Chatter alone won’t do it. It is now time for real action, in real time, on the track at the ET Willet Park.

As the various schools warmed up for the prestigious 2016 edition of the Gulf Insurance sponsored Inter- Primary sports meet, better known as the MINI OLYMPICS, there is the usual load of chatter and depending on who you talk to, there is already a declared winner for the event.

Talk to Coach Kurvin Wallace and defending champions, Joycelyn Liburd Primary (JLPS) and you will be told in no uncertain terms that the school expects to two-peat-COMFORTABLY.

As the athletes went through their drills at the St.George’s Recreation grounds last week, they appear to be well oiled and READY!

Talk to Teacher Shanroy Caesar and the students of the St.Thomas’ Primary School. They think that it is a GIVEN, this year. After all, they competed well last year but this time around, they are coming for what is ‘rightfully ours!”

Speak to Aljay Newton and Kezron Archibald of the Ivor Walters Primary and the message is absolutely clear. ‘If we don’t win this year, we aint going to win again!’ The athletes completed significant drills at the school’s grounds but do not ignore the importance of the training in that steep hill at Montpelier!

Oh—Adelvin Phillip and his troops at the Elizabeth Pemberton primary School students are confident that they are not only going to five-peat as Zone B champs but they may just as well do the double and take everything!  They even held a motorcade in honour of Mr. Phillip and deliberately started a ‘confrontation’ with the IWPS athletes, as they passed that school.

Coach Carol Ward and her troops at the Charlestown Primary school, are not saying too much. However, some persons are more dangerous when they are silent and trust me, they are still stung by what transpired last year. It will do us well to remember what happens when you rise up an ants’ nest. Keep your eyes on the CPS team!

The VOJN Primary School, with small numbers may not be singing the victory song, but they expect to claim some races and in effect create a few upsets along the way.

St.James’ Primary, with even smaller numbers also expect to upset the apple cart in several races. They too have a few champion athletes who can cause the crowd to roar on the big day.

Coach Leroy JUN-Jun Sweeney is a bit concerned that star athlete Carlon Tuckett, may not feature on the big day, due to injury but is quietly confident that ‘there will be a few surprises yet from the Maude Cross Preparatory school.

And so, all roads lead to the ET Willet Park on Wednesday 30th March. There are no excuses. After all, the NIA has announced the much anticipated public half holiday really early this year.

Who will be the ultimate winner?

Only time will tell………

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