Irresponsible politics at the worst possible time

A commentary by Neville Bartlette

There is a dirty little secret about being an opposition politician, and it is one they don’t want to talk about. For them bad news is good news. It’s a hard thing to say, and harder for those politicians guilty of it to ever admit to it, but I like to call a spade a spade.

There is something terribly wrong when certain people, namely the leader of the of a party, attempt to talk up a bad situation into a crisis of confidence in the institutions of order and justice.

He shamelessly slams Labour for what he calls the politicisation of the police, but in the same breath he politicises crime! He has made the cynical calculation that crime is good politics for him. It is clear from his public utterances in the last week that he does not have the victims of crime at heart; the only thing in his heart is a lust for power.

So I urge everyone reading this message: do not to be spun by the promises . Real leadership is about looking at a situation with reason and rationality – not jumping on a passing bandwagon as it travels down Church Street, and shouting ‘me too’ to everyone it passes by.

He talks of a “wave of crime,” but he does this to scare people. Any politician who asks for your vote by scaring you into thinking you have to vote for him is immoral and beneath contempt

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