Isle take it! The rich look to the Caribbean for second homes

Sometimes a Caribbean vacation isn’t enough.

A growing number of moneyed New Yorkers love the islands so much they’re buying second homes there in high-end resorts and communities.

There’s good reason for their purchases.

Getting to the Caribbean is easier than ever, thanks to an increase in the number of direct flights, and the perks — including tax breaks and weather that entices year-round — are hard to beat. Then there’s the advantage of living away from overdeveloped New York-area vacation spots, such as the traffic-clogged Hamptons, and the fact that a home in the Caribbean is often cheaper than paying for luxury vacations in the long run.

Farmington, Conn.-based Peter and Cathy Dunn’s sprawling spread at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis.Courtesy of Four Seasons Resort Estates
Another plus for some: Many islands offer citizenship to real estate investors. For example, in St. Kitts and Nevis, a dual-island nation that faces both the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea, citizenship can be purchased with a $400,000 real estate investment.

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