It’s Officially Hurricane Season

Caribbean News Service (CNS).

MIAMI, Jun 01 2016 –  June 1, and that means a new season has begun – hurricane season.

Meteorologist Travis Herzog says while no tropical systems are expected to develop in the next five days, the Caribbean is being monitored for low pressure development this weekend.

A tropical wave will merge with a large area of tropical moisture, and many computer models show low pressure spinning up and moving into the Gulf next week.

NOAA’s 2016 Atlantic hurricane season outlook calls for a “near normal” range of named storms, but they admit there is high uncertainty due to conflicting signals in the oceans.

The Pacific Ocean is signalling a higher number of storms as El Nino fades and La Nina develops, while the Atlantic Ocean is signalling a lower number of storms as the waters cool in key areas.

Herzog says the numbers really don’t matter because it only takes one to make it an “active” season, and people should always be prepared for hurricane season no matter how many storms are expected to form.

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