Ivor Walters Primary School celebrates 8th anniversary of the renaming of the school

By: St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-The Ivor Walters Primary School, formerly known as the Prospect Primary School, held a ceremony at the School’s auditorium on Friday, November 15, 2013 to commemorate the eighth anniversary of the renaming of the school.

The ceremony began with invocation that was followed by the National Anthem.

Chairperson of the event and teacher at the school, Ms. Taresia Browne gave the opening remarks. She noted that the school has always thrived to maintain the excellent precedence set by the former principal, Mr. Ivor Walters. Ms. Browne also indicated, that the school has benefitted tremendously over the years as a result of the foundation left behind by Mr. Walters.

Principal of the School, Mrs. Janice Richards also gave some brief remarks. She told the gathering that Mr. Ivor Walters was very instrumental in what she had accomplished thus far as a teacher. Mrs. Richards stated that before she met Mr. Walters she was uncertain whether or not she should be a teacher. She continued, “He encouraged me and gave me the assurance that I would love the profession”. In conclusion Mrs. Walters stated that Mr. Walters was accurate with his statement because she has enjoyed every minute in the profession.

Past teacher of the school, Mr. Wilroy Gerald gave the feature address. Mr. Gerald pointed out that Mr. Walters was a strict headmaster who was intolerant of bad behaviour and indiscipline. He noted that on numerous occasions Walters would visit the various classrooms to ensure that good values were implanted and embedded into the students. Gerald stated that Walters had a laconic style of taking over a class if he felt as though the teacher was not performing at the standard required. He continued, “He would enter the classroom and virtually take matters into his own hands whilst pointing out what ought to be taught”.

He also highlighted the universal knowledge that Walters possessed. He indicated that Mr. Walters stayed in tune to what was happening around the region and the world and as a result of that got the alias ‘Six Ten’. “There was this radio station in Trinidad called “Six Ten Radio Station” and Walters would listen to it on a daily basis and if anyone missed the news Walters was the one who would give it to them”. Gerald also claimed that Mr. Walters and former teacher, Mr. Alford Thompson used to sit on the Charlestown waterfront, discussing and debating the issues and realities of life.

After the Keynote speech, some students them demonstrated their literacy skills by reading to the audience.

A fun day followed on the school’s premises for the rest of the day.

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