Ivor Walters Primary School celebrates Graduation 2103

By: St. Clair Sazam Hull

(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)- With its theme, ‘What or where you will be tomorrow depends on the choice you make today, the Ivor Walters Primary School, Brown Hill, celebrated its annual graduation ceremony at the school on Monday, July 8, 2013.

Joseph Tomlinson
Joseph Tomlinson

Under the patronage of Mr. Dennis (Rudy) Browne, the school’s auditorium was left with standing room only as the function was well attended by parents, guardians, government officials and supporters of the school.

The afternoon’s proceedings got on the way with the invocation by Rev. Mercia Tomlinson. This was followed by the rendition of the national anthem.

Chairperson of the ceremony, Mr. Kevin Chapman told the gathering that he was honored to be a part of such a momentous occasion. Chapman stated, ‘I am overwhelmed to see so many of you here this afternoon to share this significant occurrence with the school’.

Mrs. Ilena Mills, principal of the school delivered the School annual report. She stated that she was extremely proud of what the school had achieved over the past year especially due to the fact that many changes had to be made. The principal noted that a few teachers who had tutored at the school for a few years were transferred to various institutions therefore some drastic adjustments were required.

The principal also spoke about the retirement of Mr. Wilroy Gerald, who gave the school 34 years of dedicated service and who still continues to facilitate in whatever way he can. In conclusion Mrs. Mills commended the staff for a job well done and told the graduates to continue aiming at the stars with the belief that they can reach the sky.

Ms. Desery Ottley delivered the feature address. She told the graduating class, ‘I want to remind you today that whatever you said you want to become, you can, and will become provided you remain focused’. She also encouraged and challenged the parents to be good role models for their children noting that a child always practices habits portrayed before them by their parents. Ottley concluded, ‘One cannot expect children to be different at age 17 when a certain style of parenting was given to them at the age of 5. One must remember the seeds that are sown are the exact seeds that will be reaped’.

Student of the school, Joseph Tomlinson received valedictorian honor with a pass mark of ninety percent (90%). He was also the most outstanding student island-wide with the test of standard results. He claimed that when he first came to the school he was in a state of loneliness. He said, ‘I did not know anyone here. I can recall numerous times that my lunch period was spent in the company of my mother who did everything she could to help me overcome’.

He continued, ‘As I adapted to the conditions I made new friends and found out that the teachers were caring, loving and had a high level of discipline’. Joseph also complimented and thanked the entire staff at the school especially the cooks. He concluded, ‘I will practice the values I have learned at this institution. I will live up to the high reputation of Ivor Walters and I trust and hope the kitchen cupboards are never empty’.

Along with the graduating class, certificates and prizes were distributed to the teachers and administrators of the school.

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