Ivor Walters Primary School Graduation 2016

By:St. Clair Sazam Hull


(CHARLESTOWN NEVIS)-  On the afternoon of Thursday, July 7, 2016, the Ivor Walters Primary School conducted its annual graduation ceremony and prize giving at the Shiloh Baptist Church located in Ramsbury.

The ceremony began with the invocation by Ms. Orette Smith. This was followed by the National Anthem.

Chairperson of the ceremony, Mrs. Sandra Maynard-Morton gave the opening remarks. She told those in attendance, that she was overwhelmed to share such a day with the graduates. Mrs. Maynard-Morton said that the school is one that she has always admired because of its vast achievements over the years. She indicated that the staff has ensured that the school continues to shine brightly and for that they should be given high commendation.

Deputy Principal of the institution, Mrs. Ermel Brookes-Browne, delivered the annual report. She noted that the school has always aimed to maintain excellence and the past year has been one of success. She said that the school placed second in the Gulf Insurance Inter Primary School Championship and won the primary school football tournament. She pointed out that Damarie Mitchell was the leading scorer as well as the league’s Most Valuable Player. Mrs. Brooks-Browne closed by thanking all who have contributed and who continues to contribute to the school.

Past tutor at the school, Mr. Didier Rohan, delivered the feature address. Mr. Rohan noted that he was extremely honoured and humbled to be the keynote speaker for the event. He told the graduates, that every journey in life begins with one small step it does not matter how far that journey is. Mr. Rohan also advised the students about not keeping malice for others even those who may hate them and say bad things about them. He also spoke to them about making wise choices as they grow as adults. He stated, “Sometimes in life you may not love the one who loves you but you have to make good decisions on what is best for you”.

The valedictory speech was given by the school’s top student, Leandra Webbe. She told the gathering, that although she and her classmates had competed against each other, they also shared what they had and bonded very closely. She noted that she intends to stay at the top, but she wants her fellow students to be at the top with her because there is no fun being at the top all alone. The Valedictorian praised her parents and her extended family for all what they have done for her. She noted that her mother has prayed continuously for her, and it is a blessing that she has a praying mother.

She told her fellow graduates not to be afraid of failure. She stated, “You must never be afraid to fail because when you do it pushes you to succeed”. She quoted President Obama and said, “Don’t just get involved. Fight for your seat at the table. Better yet, fight for a seat at the head table”. Leandra said that she has her mind firmly fixed on being the next Prime Minister of St. Kitts and Nevis.

The presentation of certificates and prizes were done by Mr. and Mrs. Jermaine Bartlette.








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