By:Curtis Morton

If mere words are anything to go by, defending champions Ivor Walters Primary and the other finalist in the 2016 edition of the Primary Schools Football tournament, St. Thomas’ Primary, will both win the grand finals, by comprehensive margins.

The grand finals is set for the ET Willet Park for Friday 11th November, starting at 1.30 pm.

Coach Jasmine Charles at the STPS, pointed out that the IWPS only has one striker and her team will be putting him on lock down.

Head coach, Eddy Caines, is also adamant that his team will win the encounter and stopped just short of predicting the margin of victory.

On the other hand, the defending champs, IWPS are not daunted by the comments.

Coach Hendrickson stated that as the boys would say, they should not ‘underestimate what is there, until you see under the hood itself.’

She also pointed out that her team has several strikers and one of the strikers promptly indicated that the STPS team will be whipped by a margin of 18 to nil.

Friday will be D-day and a bumper crowd is expected to witness the action, but on that day all of the chatter will cease and only one team will come up TRUMP (no pun intended).

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