J.N.F. General Hospital Welcomes Key Additions to Its Staff

J.N.F. General Hospital Welcomes Key Additions to Its Staff (L-R)Mr. Hugo Rivero, Cuban Ambassador; Mrs. Andrea Williams Mulley, Senior Medical Technologist; Mrs. Zulema Escalona Cabrera, Cyto-histotechnologist; Dr. Odalis Abreu, Chief of the Cuban Medical Brigade and Epidemiologist;Dr. Nordica Phillip, Pathologist; Dr. Daveen Wilkin, Medical Chief of Staff and Head of Anesthesia; Dr. Jenson Morton, Director of Health Institutions; Dr. Adrian Nunez, Clinical Pathologist

Basseterre, St. Kitts and Nevis [Ministry of Health] – J.N.F. General Hospital proudly announces the addition of three new crucial members to its esteemed staff, further enhancing its ability to provide top-tier care and services to the community. These new additions bolster critical areas of patient care, ranging from psychological support to laboratory diagnostics and human resources management.

Dr. Dorothy Francis-Jefferson, a distinguished Clinical Psychologist, brings a wealth of expertise to the psychology department. With a PhD in Clinical Psychology from California Southern University, coupled with backgrounds in accounting, computer information systems, and project management, Dr. Francis-Jefferson is well-equipped to provide comprehensive counselling services. Her presence will not only benefit the hospital staff but also extend support to patients and their families, contributing significantly to the mental health and well-being of individuals across the federation.

Mrs. Zulema Escalona Cabrera, Cyto-histotechnologist, arrives at J.N.F. General Hospital with invaluable experience from the Cuban embassy. Her role is pivotal in expanding the capabilities of our laboratory, particularly in the preparation of histology slides crucial for accurate diagnoses from patient biopsies. With her expertise, the hospital reinstates in-house histopathology studies, reinstating a critical service that sets J.N.F. Hospital apart as a leader in diagnostic capabilities within the country.

Ms. Keisha Fough assumes the role of Human Resources Officer, a position essential for managing the diverse needs of over 500 employees within the Institution-Based Health Services. Recognizing the necessity for in-house H.R. management, Ms. Fough’s appointment signifies a crucial step towards addressing staff-related issues efficiently and effectively. “These additions to our team reflect our ongoing efforts to enhance the quality and scope of healthcare services we provided at J.N.F.,” said Director of Health Institutions, Dr Jenson Morton. “Each new member brings unique skills and experiences that will contribute to the well-being of both our patients and our staff. We are excited to welcome them to the J.N.F. family and look forward to the positive impact they will make.”

These new additions underscore J.N.F. General Hospital’s commitment to excellence in patient care and organizational management. Their expertise and dedication will undoubtedly contribute to the hospital’s mission of providing compassionate and comprehensive healthcare services to the community.

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