Jabal Promises Great Contest but Backing Premier’s X1

Head groundsman at the ET Willet Park, Errol JABAL Walwyn, paused from his tour of duty on Wednesday, long enough to face the probing camera.

Despite the passage of Tropical storm Dorian, which poured quite some rain on Nevis and despite having some issues with the motorized roller, Jabal is confident that everything will be in place, for later today, when the SKN Patriots engage a Premier’s X1, in a warm-up match, slated for the ET Willet Park.

The match which will serve as a warm-up match for the upcoming CPL season for the Patriots is expected to attract a bumper crowd.

Jabal pointed to the fact that water had settled in a pool like formation at the Eastern end of the ground, but noted that the sun had come out on Wednesday and it was drying quickly.  He has confidence in the pitch that he is preparing.  ‘The players will get out what they put in’, he said bluntly.

He even ventured a few predictions:
‘If Patriots bat first they will get about 180 and the Premier’s X1 will overhaul it.  If the Premier’s X1 bats first, they will get about 150, but will restrict the Patriots to a lower score.’
He also pointed to improvement with the side screen and the pavilion area.

There are also two platforms in place where the POM POM girls will perform throughout the match.  As a matter of fact, they were seen practising their dance moves, while Jabal was being interviewed.

Weather permitting, the match is set to commence at the ET Willet Park at 2 pm today-Thursday 29th August.

Patrons will only be required to pay $5.00 to get into the Park.

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