Jah Bass INT Takes $1,000 Big Ones

The Jah Bass Int team, superbly led by Tonito Willet, took top honours in the tape ball Cricket tournament, organized by the Hon. Alexis Jeffers.

The second in the series of one day tournaments, was held at the VOJN grounds on Sunday 30th April.

The tournament attracted five teams: Jah Bass Int; Best Buy Warriors; MUA; Grass Roots and Left Overs.

It came down to eighth overs finals between Jah Bass Int and Best Buy Warriors.

The Jah Bass team got to 101 in their 8 overs, on the back of a superb half century by Tonito Willet.

The Best Buy team could only muster 64 in their allotted 8 overs.

Hon Alexis Jeffers immediately presented The Best Buy team with a runners up cash prize of $500.00 and Captain Willet of the Jah Bass team, with a cash prize of $1000.00.

Summarized scores for the Finals:

Jah Bass Int v Best Buy Warriors

Jah Bass: 101 for 1 in 8 overs: Tonito Willet 59; Bernette Thompson 9*; Curtis Morton 8

Extras 25

Samaroo 1 for 21

Best Buy: 64 for 3 from 8 overs: Justin 26*; Anand 14; Alvin 13

Nigel Hanley 2 for 20; Hugo Grant 1 for 16

Jah Bass Int won by 37 runs

Meanwhile, in the preliminary matches:

*Left overs 47 for 1 (6 overs) Best Buy 48 for 1 (4 overs)

Best Buy won by 9 wickets

*MUA 54-2 (6 overs), Jahbass International  57-3

Jah Bass Int won by 7 wickets

Semi finals

*Best Buy Warriors 52-7 (6 overs) Grass Roots 46-2

Best Buy won by 6 runs

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