Charlestown-Nevis–The Nevis Public Library continues in its quest to educate the general populace of Nevis and to encourage all and sundry to read more.
As a part of the thrust towards increased reading and increased knowledge, the Library has long established an author of the month promotion.
The process includes the selection of a specific author, whether local, regional or international and a collection of his/her books and other printed materials are placed on display and in focus for a specific month.
Visitors to the Public Library are then encouraged to peruse the material and familiarize themselves with the works of the author.
For the month of September 2015, the author in focus is Nevisian born, James W. Sutton.
Mr. Sutton served as teacher and headmaster and pursued studies at the University of London. He was well known for his exemplary community efforts. After migrating to Canada he served on various school boards. Sutton later retired and focused on writing.
He has written several books which include: ‘A Testimony of Triumph’ and ‘ Our Love Prevailed’ . His novels highlight the social, political and economic development of St. Kitts, Nevis and Anguilla between the period 1920-1950. These novels are available at the Nevis Public Library and are highly recommended for students of History and everyone with a general interest in reading.

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