Jennifer Clarke Steps Out

Charlestown-Nevis-On Friday 21st June, the many persons moving busily to and fro in Charlestown, would have been immediately attracted to a hot spot, complete with balloons and tables filled with colourful goodies.
‘What’s happening here? That was the natural question.
Jennifer Tross-Clarke, explained that she has been a Financial Advisor with Sagicor Inc for the past 12 years, but has now bravely stepped out to open her own office.
The office is located upstairs the newly refurbished Edmund Williams building, located on Main Street.
She noted that the open day activity was used to bring awareness to the general public.
Interested persons received tokens of appreciation and were able to learn about the many aspects of insurance offered by Sagicor.
Mrs. Clarke further indicated that at the end of the day, she hoped that persons would see the importance of securing themselves and their family members.

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